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Upload Space

If you’d like to see how the Bar Anthology can transform your space, upload a few images and we can get started. From vertical applications to horizontal, we will show you the possibilities.

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Download Images

No more desperately surfing the net for random images in order to pull together a presentation for your clients. We’ve curated a nice selection of images just for you. Want more than just images? We have actual mini Bar Anthology samples and fiber samples available upon request.

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Quote Requests

If you’re interested in seeing how the Bar Anthology meets your budget needs, send us a note and we will work up a quote. The brilliant thing about bars is you can be quite creative in spacing, which makes accommodating to budget easy.

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Follow Us

We’re out there on social media and we’re loving it. Follow Bar Anthology to see sneak peeks of in progress works, newly completed projects and much more. Also be sure to sign up for our quarterly newsletter for the latest big news as well as lots of inspiration for your next project.